Happy Holidays 2016

The year is coming to a close for us here at Hungry Yeti, so we would like to thank YOU, our incredible fans for all of the support we have been given in our adventures so far.
We hope you are all enjoying Footy Kicker and Chomp, and we can’t wait to show you Mean Greens early next year.

Happy Holidays from Grant, Tom, Nick, Connor and Richard.


PAX AUS 2016


We’re coming to PAX Australia this year and will have a booth near the AIE caravan. Make sure you come check out or upcoming game Mean Greens which we will be showcasing there.

Mean Greens Details

Cultivate armies of mutated plants and send parties of them into dungeons to plunder resources to make the perfect Mean Greens.
Mean Greens is a game that allows players to grow mutant plants that fight for you inside automatic quests and player assisted dungeons.
Completing dungeons and quests earns you XP, seeds and currency both normal and sometimes premium gems!
The stronger and more foreboding the dungeon, the better the rewards will be!Characters collage

As you level up you can unlock extra features of the farm like:

  • Larger Barracks
  • Alchemy Station
  • Training Fields
  • Fusion
  • And much more.


  • Planting seeds & harvesting troops.
  • Room to room generated generated dungeons
  • Collect loot, XP, currency, and seeds
  • Build dwellings and new areas for your farm



  • Home contains upgradeable farm size. Farm grows troops to send into dungeons
  • explore dungeons to gather seeds, loot and money.
  • Plant warriors stats/traits are based on plant type and training
  • If plant warriors get defeated in the dungeon they don’t return.
  • Unlockable Barracks that initially boosts troop and can be further upgraded to store more troops.
  • Alchemy Station: you can produce potions with varying helpful effects for the dungeon. Things like health potions (instant health replenishment), attack speed increase, damage up etc.
  • Dungeons are generated with a theme that denoted the type of tiles and enemies to expect, a few of these themes are: dark dungeons, mossy/wet dungeon, forests mechanical factories, goey quagmires etc. 
  • Day Night Cycle


Art Style

We have elected to go with a simple, Voxel based art style, making assets easier to build and giving the game a friendlier overall aesthetic. 


Player Actions

  • Touch based controls for moving the camera
  • Start Quest
  • Start Dungeon
  • Plant Seeds 
  • Unlock Area
  • See Menu


  • Procedurally generated Dungeon 
  • World Map (Overworld)
  • World map consists of combination of tiles
  • Tiles slowly unlock as player progressesEnviroCollage


  • Mechanical (Machine enemy)
  • Skeletal (Skeleton enemy)
  • Mutated Plants (Alteration to player troops)
  • Insects (Bug enemy)
  • Goo Monsters (Blobs)

Enemies will spawn in corresponding environments designed to suit type. Environments are hand designed to establish setting.  


VictoryCondition (Dungeon)

In Dungeon Mode, victory is achieved when the player completes the set amount of rooms, and still has plants left. Players may withdraw their plants at any time, but all reward items will be lost.


Victory Condition (Quest)

In Quest Mode, victory is achieved after the duration of the quest is complete. Players can not lose troops, but games will take longer.
Players can however withdraw their troops at any time if they want to receive rewards early (this will only give them what they have earned at the time, not the full quest rewards).


Progression System

Players progress through the game by leveling up and unlocking more section of the map, which in turn, allow them new features and upgrades. They will also unlock harder dungeons and Quests as they get deeper into the game, and collect more XP, Money, and Seeds.

We plan to release on Androidnd iOS in late 2016

Chomp (Previously Steak Eater): Out Now On Android!

We’ve been quite busy lately working on multiple projects, while also laying down the prep works for IOS development so we can start getting our games on Iphones and Ipads near you. In amongst all this we have released Chomp onto the Google Play Store! Make sure to get it on all your Android devices and we hope to see everyone stacking up some plates!

Feature Graphic

get it on the google play store button

2016! New Project (Codename): Rogue Harvest

Hello everyone and welcome to 2016! Its a bit late but we’ve been rather busy lately, and I know its been a while since our last post, so I thought I’d come and show you some of the stuff we’ve been working on for the last couple months and tell you about our new project named Rogue Harvest!

But first here's a little screeny for everyone
But first here’s a little screeny for everyone

Rogue Harvest is a plant harvesting game with a twist! You; a simple farmer, are actually growing mutated plants that seem to look to you as their overlord. Send parties of little mutated plants (or Murcs as we like to call them) into dungeons to plunder and loot in hopes of getting stronger strains of plant life.

Some Sample Dungeon Gen
Some Sample Dungeon Gen

The game is only in the prototype phase, however we have a whole host of plans for it and I’ll try to keep everyone posted on its details. See you soon 😀

New project: Steak Eater!

Hi all! This week we started on a new mobile game, Steak Eater! It’s an all-you-can-eat steak-off! Touch the meat to bite out a chunk, but don’t touch a bone or you’ll lose time.

We’ve planned the release for next week, so sharpen your knives and bend your fork’s tines back into shape and get ready for Steak Eater!

newstartscreen newindev1

PAX Prime and Code Crusaders

Hey there!

What a crazy time it’s been these past few months! Organizing our team to go to PAX and getting out game ready to show has kept us so busy recently. If you’ll be at PAX Prime be sure to check us out! Our whole team will be walking the floor so it shouldn’t be too hard to find any of us.

We’ve just published a video of Code Crusaders gameplay which you can check out at the bottom of this post. We’ve put a lot of work into the art for the player character and a lot of programming has gone into getting the inventory feeling good and solid.

Currently we’ve got just three environments/regions to show off, but more are planned including arctic, desert, and hell themes!

Right now we’re polishing up the adventure part of our game and packing our bags for PAX Prime!

See you at PAX!